WATCH: Joker director breaks down the movie's opening scenes 10 months ago

WATCH: Joker director breaks down the movie's opening scenes

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Don't worry, there are no spoilers to be found here.

If you're anything like us, you can't get enough of Joker.

The movie came out last week, and has been breaking box office records since.

And whether you've seen it or not, we bet you've discussed it, or at least overheard it being discussed.

The movie is undeniably one of the biggest films of the year so far, with people coming to a number of different conclusions from it.

So we could do with the actual director giving us a bit of an expert insight.

Todd Phillips sat down with Vanity Fair to go into detail about the opening scenes of the movie, and it makes for quite an interesting watch.

He explains how Joaquin Phoenix managed to squeeze out that one singular tear while Arthur Fleck is staring in the mirror, trying to teach himself how to smile.

He also talked about the importance of Phoenix's run as Arthur Fleck, and how perfectly it summed up the character as a whole.

Take a look here:

Clip via Vanity Fair

Very interesting stuff.

You can read JOE's full review of Joker here, where we described it as "the best movie of the year".

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