Jonah Hill signs up to a brand new Netflix series 6 years ago

Jonah Hill signs up to a brand new Netflix series

If ever there was proof that television is where it's at, here you go.

It's been a pretty disappointing year at the box office, with audiences preferring to stay home and watch Netflix rather than have their brains battered into submission by Batman, Superman, Suicide Squad or whatever other blockbuster we've since had deleted from our memory, Eternal Sunshine-style.


With that in mind, Jonah Hill is moving to Netflix and will star alongside Emma Stone in a dark comedy called Maniac.

It's based on an original Norwegian series, which is usually a good thing given how great Scandinavian telly has been in the last decade, and sees Hill play a man in a mental institution who escapes to reality to a fantasy world in his mind.

The series will be ten parts in length and filmed by Cary Fukunaga, who created True Detective.

"I haven't started to go deep on that yet because Cary Fukunaga just hired the writer that's going to write the series," he said.


“Cary's a filmmaker I really want to work with - and working with Emma again... that's a very attractive thing to be part of."

Hill and Stone last appeared together in Superbad in 2007.