A top Succession star is on The Late Late Show this week 6 months ago

A top Succession star is on The Late Late Show this week

Look out for a Spice Girl and the latest boyband from Louis Walsh.

Update Friday 2.30pm.


As per a press release by RTÉ:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Brian Cox’s appearance on tonight’s Late Late Show has been postponed for a later date. Irish Olympic medal winner Sonia O'Sullivan will be dropping by The Late Late Show tonight to celebrate Ciara Mageean’s record-breaking success."

Original story:

No matter what happens in your life, there's one constant you can always rely on; The Late Late Show being on to bring some light-hearted chat to your living room.


RTÉ has once again given us a peek behind the curtain and let us know who to expect on this Friday's episode.

Melanie C (or Sporty Spice, to a certain generation) will be talking to Ryan about her new memoir, Who I Am. Expect musings about being part of a global phenomenon, with all the highs and lows of fame extrapolated and examined.

Succession is one of the best shows on the telly in recent years, and Logan Roy himself, Brian Cox, will be in studio to discuss everything from TV to Queen Elizabeth, and his support for an independent Scotland.

Folk aficionado Paul Brady will be on the show to discuss his career ahead of the publishing of his autobiography, Crazy Dreams. We're promised a special performance of The Island, aren't we spoilt?


Tommie Gorman is set to discuss his decades-long broadcasting career, including life as RTÉ Northern Editor, and a deep love of sport.

Speaking of sport, top Irish runner Ciara Mageean will also be on the show following a record-breaking 1,500 metre run that beat Sonia O'Sullivan's record of 27 years by two seconds.

Finally, the television debut of Louis Walsh's new boyband is here, with Next In Line performing on the show.

Fingers crossed they won't be wearing the same outfits as another boyband to be introduced on The Late Late Show...


Clip via Reeling in the Weird

This week's Late Late airs on RTÉ One on Friday, 23 September at 9.35pm.