Red carpet event for Liam Neeson's new movie cancelled at last minute 2 years ago

Red carpet event for Liam Neeson's new movie cancelled at last minute

The Ballymena actor has made headlines this week, for all the wrong reasons.

On Monday, the UK Independent published an interview with Liam Neeson.


The actor is currently on the promotional trail for new film Cold Pursuit, a dark comedy in which he plays a man out to avenge the death of his son by doing that modern-day Liam Neeson action movie thing of killing everyone in sight.

During his chat with the Independent, the 66-year-old opted to share a story from his past, one that has since caused much controversy.

Neeson attracted significant criticism when he admitted that in his youth, he had roamed the streets in the hopes of a confrontation with a seemingly random black person, following the sexual assault of a friend.

He has since appeared on Good Morning America, where he spoke of his experience once again, while maintaining that he is not a racist.

"If she had said he was Irish, or a Scot, or a Brit or a Lithuanian, I know it would have had the same effect," Neeson offered.

"I was trying to show honour, stand up for my friend in this terrible, medieval fashion."

The fallout continues, with many people weighing in on the matter via social media and various published think-pieces.


Ex-footballer John Barnes was among those offering some form of defence for Neeson, during a passionate exchange on Sky News.

Many are now wondering what long-term effect the actor's comments will have on his career, with Neeson still very much a box office draw.

The latest development, however, isn't a positive one for the actor, with the red carpet at the New York premiere of Cold Pursuit cancelled on Tuesday night just hours before it was scheduled to take place.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes a source who notes that the red carpet "wouldn’t be appropriate under the circumstances" following the backlash to Neeson's interview.

Cold Pursuit is currently scheduled to open on Irish screens on Friday 22 February.