WATCH: John Barnes delivers passionate speech about Liam Neeson's recent comments 2 years ago

WATCH: John Barnes delivers passionate speech about Liam Neeson's recent comments

John Barnes reckons that Liam Neeson "deserves a medal" following his recent controversial comments.

Former Liverpool footballer John Barnes has spoken passionately about the recent comments made by Liam Neeson, where he stated that he wanted to kill a "black bastard", a number of years ago.


Barnes spoke on Sky News on Tuesday morning about the comments made by the Northern Irish actor, and appeared to somewhat come to Neeson's defense saying that Neeson "told the truth" during the interview, and that his words showed a clear reflection of what society had showed him about black people.

Getting visibly passionate, he went on to blame the media for the way in which they depicted black people, and the way they continue to do so: "What he's actually saying is that he's horrified and ashamed of the way he felt. He went on to say that. That is exactly what he went on to say.

"But you cannot blame him for thinking that. I said earlier, with the whole Raheem Sterling thing, talking about the influence that the media has, you cannot blame people for thinking Muslims, because of Muslim grooming gangs, Jamaican Yardie gangs, for then looking at Muslims and Jamaicans in a negative light."

You can watch the clip here:

Barnes was then asked about the idea that people should boycott Neeson's movies, and remove his OBE, which is where the former England international said: "Absolutely, so let's take down the statue of Winston Churchill, who is a white supremacist, and a mass murderer."


The Sky News presenter then replied that Churchill "held the views of his age", to which Barnes replied: "So did Liam Neeson. He held the view of, not only his age, but the age that is happening now."