Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst is directing John Travolta in a new film 9 months ago

Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst is directing John Travolta in a new film

Rollin' in a new direction.

In terms of career changes, musicians deciding to become directors isn't that uncommon. For example, Nick Cave, Rob Zombie and David Bowie are a few famous faces to try their hand behind the camera, but people of a certain generation might be surprised to learn that Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit, is now a film director.

In fact, Durst is set to work with Pulp Fiction and Face/Off star John Travolta in his next film.

Are you a little bit confused by that news? Yeah, we don't blame you.

Regarding Durst's career progression, his first steps as a director came when he helmed some of the videos for his rap-metal band.

Durst's first feature though was the psychodrama The Education of Charlie Banks which starred Jesse Eisenberg. He followed that up with The Longshots, a sports comedy about an ex-football player (Ice Cube) who trains his sports-happy 11-year-old niece to qualify as the first female quarterback in her children's football league.

Variety have reported that the Nookie and Re-Arranged singer will now be working with Travolta on the thriller, Moose.

Based on events from Durst’s own life, Moose was written by Durst and Dave Bekerman. Travolta is playing the title character, a rabid movie fan obsessed with his favorite celebrity action hero, portrayed by Devon Sawa (he famously starred in the video for Eminem's beloved track Stan).

As Moose’s obsession grows stronger, his fixation turns from stalking to ambition of destroying the star’s life — a story inspired by a real-life fan who stalked Durst many years ago.

Mmm, what's his on-set demeanor like?

Hell, if he ever had a few tantrums like Michael Bay, he could always say to his cast and crew "this time I'm 'a let it all come out, This time I'm 'a stand-up and shout, I'm 'a do things my way, It's my way, My way, or the highway."

He might even 'Break Stuff' while they're filming. We'll stop now.