LISTEN: Is Pharrell's new song for Despicable Me 3 as good and/or catchy as "Happy"? 6 years ago

LISTEN: Is Pharrell's new song for Despicable Me 3 as good and/or catchy as "Happy"?

Songs like "Happy" don't come along very often, but that isn't going to stop Pharrell from trying to repeat that track's success.

Released back in November 2013 (can you believe it was THAT long ago?), it went on to reach Number One in pretty much every country that had radio, endless awards and millions upon millions of dollars for Pharrell, who not only sang the song, but also wrote and produced it single-handedly.


My favourite part of this story is that his very next song was called "Move That Dope", involving the transport of drugs, which is both the polar opposite of "Happy", and yet oddly very linked to it...

Anyways, Pharrell is back back BACK with the soundtrack single to the upcoming Despicable Me 3, but the real question is whether or not lighting can strike twice in quite the same way with "Yellow Light".

First impressions are 'Yeah, this is catchy, but not nearly as catchy as "Happy" was', but after just one listen, you'll have already learned off the hook of the track, and it will be buzzing around your head for the rest of the day.

Thankfully, Despicable Me 3 is out on 30 June here, so we only have to wait the rest of the month listening to the song, then all the weeks it'll be in cinemas, and then probably the rest of the summer when the radios pick it up...


"The yellow - light - shining - down...."

Yeah, we might need to head to doctor and get a prescription, because this is dangerously catchy...

Clip via PharrellWilliamsVEVO