WATCH: Louis Theroux's movie about Scientology is on TV tonight and it's a must-watch 10 months ago

WATCH: Louis Theroux's movie about Scientology is on TV tonight and it's a must-watch

If you haven't seen it, you need to change that.

The past month we have been blessed to have our weekly dosage of Louis Theroux. His Dark States documentaries were absolutely fascinating (as if there was any doubt they wouldn't be).

They were short-lived and we were only treated to three which made us sad but then we got the great news that there would be another Theroux documentary on our television when they finished but sadly it would be a standalone, once-off special.

Louis Theroux: Talking To Anorexia aired on 29 October and we thought that our Sunday's would go back to being Louis-less but thankfully we have been proved wrong as one of Theroux's best pieces of work is being aired on television tonight.

The film is centred around the self-proclaimed Baddest Ass Dude in Scientology Mark 'Marty' Rathbun - a former senior executive of the church - and focuses on alleged scenarios that people claim to have encountered in the church.

Theroux is giving the firm warning not to "mess with Scientology" but as we all know, Theroux doesn't get scared and loves looking in the face of danger.

The Church of Scientology refused to cooperate in making a documentary with Theroux which led to his team up with Rathburn.


They begin to focus in particular on the alleged violent behaviour of David Miscavige who is a church leader in California.

Theroux visits the church in California but he and his whole team are put under high supervision by the church and at one stage, Theroux is recording while being recorded.

It's on BBC Two tonight 5 November at 9pm.

It's a must-watch to fill that Theroux gap that has formed in your Sunday evenings and if you don't believe us (you should) have a look at the trailer below, that'll change your mind.

Clip via Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing