Love Island Australia is coming to Irish television 4 years ago

Love Island Australia is coming to Irish television

Great news for fans of the hit show.

It's safe to say that Love Island fever has taken Ireland by storm.


Either you openly watch it, or you're lying...

Even if you tell everyone you don't, we know you lie awake at night praying that Dani and Jack end up together.

We see right through you...

But you might be worrying about the fact that the show will inevitably have to come to an end.


Well never fear, because Love Island Australia will be here to fill that villa-sized hole in your heart.

That's right, the show is going down under.

3e will be exclusively airing the show from Monday 23 July onwards.

The show will air at 10.05pm, and Ireland's own Eoghan McDermott will add a bit of Irish humour the show, as he provides the 'voice'.


So enjoy your UK based contestants while you have them, because you're going to have twelve beautiful contestants with even more beautiful accents to obsess over.

Here's a clip from the show, so you know what to expect...

Clip via Love Island Australia


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