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09th Aug 2019

‘Paul Rudd wants to do it!’ – Lou Ferrigno discusses a potential sequel to I Love You, Man

Rory Cashin

I Love You Man

We could be seeing more slappah da bass!

It has been a little over a decade since Paul Rudd struck up a friendship with complete stranger Jason Siegel in an attempt to find a best man for his upcoming wedding, but the love for I Love You, Man hasn’t dimmed any.

In fact, the $40 million movie only made a little over $90 million worldwide (in comparison, The Hangover made $476 million, Wedding Crashers made $285 million, 22 Jump Street made $331 million), so it wasn’t an immediate hit.

It really found its audience when it was later released for home entertainment, quickly joining Anchorman and Dodgeball as one of the most quotable comedies of recent years (“I slappah da bass, man!”), and in the ten years, fans have been dying to know if we’d ever see the gang back together.

JOE sat down with Lou Ferrigno ahead of his appearance at the Dublin Comic Con (full details here), and discussed every aspect of his career – yes, including his run as The Incredible Hulk, and his thoughts on the current version – but we had to ask had there been any conversation about an I Love You, Man sequel.

“That was a funny movie,” Ferrigno says when thinking back to the original. “I talked to Paul Rudd, they want to do it. But I think it is a different time era now, because that movie was about romance and bromance, and I think it is a different situation now. I talked to Paul Rudd about it about a year ago, and there is a chance. I’d love to do it again.

“John Hamberg [director], he contacted me and said ‘I wrote a great script with you in mind’. I read the script and I loved it. They added me in more towards the end with the wedding scene, but I knew that because I’ve done King Of Queens, I get to play myself, so it was great to play myself as a character in I Love You, Man.

“One of the most famous scenes, when I’m chocking Jason Siegel and I saw ‘Don’t fight it, don’t fight it’, and he goes down. That’s why, when I do a lot of these conventions, girls say ‘Oh, could you put my boyfriend in a choke hold for a picture?’ They say ‘Squeeze hard, squeeze hard!'”

Watch our conversation with Lou Ferrigno in full below:

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