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21st Jun 2024

Irish filmmaker hired to direct spin-off to massive hit movie

Stephen Porzio

We cannot wait for this.

After writing earlier this week about how hit 2022 killer AI doll horror M3GAN is getting a sequel next year, it has been announced that the movie will also be getting a spin-off.

Even more exciting is that Irish filmmaker Kate Dolan (You Are Not My Mother) has signed on to co-write and direct the project.

The spin-off is titled SOULM8TE and is being described as an erotic thriller with a technological twist.

Said to expand the M3GAN universe, SOULM8TE’s plot synopsis reads: “A man acquires an Artificially Intelligent android to cope with the loss of his recently deceased wife.

“In an attempt to create a truly sentient partner, he inadvertently turns a harmless love-bot into a deadly soulmate.”

Said to be in the mould of ’90s domestic thrillers but with a modern twist, Dolan confirmed her involvement with SOULM8TE in a Twitter post.

She wrote: “So I’m making an erotic thriller with some really cool folks.

“Thank you queer icon M3GAN for graciously accepting me into your universe this pride month.”

SOULM8TE, which is being produced by horror icons James Wan and Jason Blum, is set to land in cinemas on 2 January 2026.

This will be around half a year after M3GAN 2.0, which will arrive in theatres on 25 June 2025.

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