A man bought a ticket to the women-only screening of Wonder Woman. The internet reacted. 3 years ago

A man bought a ticket to the women-only screening of Wonder Woman. The internet reacted.

We all knew this would happen.

Earlier in the week we reported that there were some cinemas holding women-only screenings of Wonder Woman, and how some men had spoken up about how they felt it was completely unfair that this one, particular screening would be gender specific, while the hundreds if not thousands of screenings of the same movie they could attend would mixed gender.


Well, writer Stephen Miller took to twitter to announce that he would be attending this female-only screening, and posted his ticket receipt to prove it:

Since posting the tweet, Miller has been practically non-stop active on Twitter, replying to just about anyone who questions his choice.

It basically comes down to "Yes, I'm aware they wanted a women's-only screening, but that's illegal, so I want go to there because I said so."



There are literally hundreds of tweets practically identical to the ones above, in which Miller continues to reply to (mostly) angrily asked questions with (mostly) only the vaguest of answers.

Of course, legally speaking, he is entirely correct. The cinema cannot lawfully enforce a gender segregated screening, even if they have requested it be a female only screening themselves.

Morally speaking, his argument of "I bought a ticket to this screening, it's just a movie, so what's the problem here?" is side-stepping the fact that he wilfully bought a ticket to a screening which was requested to be female-only.


The same cinema is showing the same movie at the same time in another screen, but he wanted to go to this one, and if you can think of a good-natured reason for that, please do let us know in the comments below.