Martin Scorsese has gone after Marvel movies AGAIN 5 months ago

Martin Scorsese has gone after Marvel movies AGAIN

Did Captain America beat up Martin Scorsese as a child or something?

Legendary director Martin Scorsese has doubled (tripled?) down on previous jabs at Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, which he has previously said are "not cinema."

Now, Scorsese has written an entire op-ed in the New York Times to fully expand his criticism of MCU movies, and franchise movies in general.

He said modern franchise films are "market-researched, audience-tested, vetted, modified, revetted and remodified until they’re ready for consumption."

He also said that the prevalence of franchise films is hurting potential theatrical releases for films like The Irishman, which he made with Netflix.

"Would I like the picture to play on more big screens for longer periods of time? Of course I would. But no matter whom you make your movie with, the fact is that the screens in most multiplexes are crowded with franchise pictures."

In his criticism of the MCU, Scorsese also shouted out several modern directors whom he admires, saying "Another way of putting it would be that they are everything that the films of Paul Thomas Anderson or Claire Denis or Spike Lee or Ari Aster or Kathryn Bigelow or Wes Anderson are not."

"When I watch a movie by any of those filmmakers, I know I’m going to see something absolutely new and be taken to unexpected and maybe even unnameable areas of experience. My sense of what is possible in telling stories with moving images and sounds is going to be expanded."

Scorsese's original comments opened the floodgates for directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Ken Loach to hammer the popular superhero films.