A nation mourns as Marty Morrissey is finally sent home from Dancing With The Stars 9 months ago

A nation mourns as Marty Morrissey is finally sent home from Dancing With The Stars

This is the greatest character loss on TV since The Red Wedding.

National treasure and fleet-footed football pundit Marty Morrissey became the fifth contestant to be sent home from this season's Dancing With The Stars.

Morrissey took to the dancefloor with his partner in crime Ksenia Zsikhotska as they took on a romantic rumba to Marty’s guilty pleasure 'Lady In Red' by Chris De Burgh.

Speaking after the performance Marty said "I'm having the best eight weeks of my life...it's just been the best experience ever. These hips haven't moved for ten years!!"

The judges weighed in with some positives: "I really appreciate what you did... you used the upper body to balance out the rumba... there wasn't any Cuban action there", and another added that "When you stand still you have an air about you... in fact I think you're probably one of the best standing still dancer I've ever seen", and fan-favourite judge Julian finished by saying "This was a very emotionally charged rumba... it's one of the hardest dances... what you conveyed was that feeling and the emotion... I could feel your heart."

However, in the end the duo scored just 16 points, and following the dreaded dance-off against fellow contestant Alannah Beirne, the judges ultimately decided to send Marty home, who took the defeat really well:

"To be in a dance off is not easy... all I can do is salute my fellow contestants... I'm exhausted from partying... to be part of this and to dance with Ksenia has been one of my highlights."

However, while Marty went out with head held high, the same can't be said for the very emotional supporters watching at home: