Matt Damon has revealed the details of his Irish dream home 4 years ago

Matt Damon has revealed the details of his Irish dream home

Being from just outside of Boston, we'd expect Matt Damon to have some appreciation for Irish culture and people.

But we're pleasantly surprised to learn that the The Great Wall actor actually has designs on moving to Ireland some day.


Speaking to the Irish Sun, Matt Damon revealed the details of his Irish home fantasies, and we've gotta say that it almost made us jealous of ourselves for living here.

Damon's dream home is on the West coast of Ireland, by the sounds of it — and Cork, Kerry and Galway all get a special mention from the Hollywood icon:

“How awesome would that be? Watching the Atlantic crashing over the Irish cliffs, the rain coming down, the grey skies. I love the weather.

“That whole geographical area, from Cork to Kerry, Galway, that environment is like nowhere, it’s good for the health. All that air."

“I just have this image, this dream of sitting atop of the lighthouse, looking out to sea, and how beautiful and peaceful that must be. I don’t know if you can buy those, wouldn’t they be State-owned? If you could, I’d do it."

After thinking a little longer on it, he added a quick caveat: “Well I’d run it past my wife first, then I’d do it."