Sons of Anarchy spin-off debuts tonight on the BBC 2 years ago

Sons of Anarchy spin-off debuts tonight on the BBC

Rev up for Mayans M.C.

Sons of Anarchy and the melodramatic saga of Jax Teller may be well dead and buried by now, but the SAMCRO legacy lives on.


A spin-off of the show concerning one of the regular rival factions was considered long before all seven seasons of SoA played out, and though Kurt Sutter took his time getting there, his vision was finally realised last year.

Mayans M.C. first premiered on American television at the start of September and a second season has already been approved.

Reviews have been generally positive if a touch mixed.

While the show does a good job of introducing a new cast of characters, the absence of familiar faces may prove a bit jarring to longtime Sons fans, though a couple do show up.

Mayans tells the story of EZ Reyes, a prospect who once seem destined for an easy and privileged life until fate intervened. As such, Reyes finds himself struggling with loyalty and family as things heat up accordingly in that violent and over-the-top Kurt Sutter way.

If that sounds like your thing, Mayans M.C. makes its BBC Two debut this evening - Saturday 2 February - with a double bill from 10.40pm.

Before that on the same channel, you can take in They Shall Not Grow Old, Peter Jackson's terrific documentary on World War I that was met with huge acclaim upon its release in 2018.