2022's sexiest show is finally available to watch in Ireland 8 months ago

2022's sexiest show is finally available to watch in Ireland

The HBO show debuted in the States earlier this year.

There are plenty of shows lately that have no problem showing sex, but how many of them are actually, y'know, sexy?


The last time we remember a show being sexy-in-a-fun-way was the first season of Bridgerton, and before that... we're drawing a blank.

Thankfully, we've now got Minx to enjoy.

Set in 1970s Los Angeles, the show tells the story of an earnest young feminist (Ophelia Lovibond - Rocketman, This England) who joins forces with a low-rent publisher (Jake Johnson - New Girl, Jurassic World) to create the first erotic magazine for women.

Along the way, they strike up relationships with people they would never have normally crossed paths with, during an incredibly important time for women around the world.


Executive produced by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The US Office), the show debuted on HBO in the States in March this year, and it scored an incredible 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics truly enjoying the raunch of it all:

Reason - "It should also be noted that Minx is almost certainly the most penis-friendly show in television history, though HBO's teen-boinkfest Euphoria is providing some stiff (heh heh) competition."

Boston Globe - "Raunchy, smart, culturally aware, charming, and funny. Minx made me think of GLOW and Boogie Nights, but it’s very much its own blend of period comedy and social commentary. It’s original, and addictive."

AV Club - "Minx is a fun examination of not only evolving sexual politics but the myriad emotions behind them."


The Playlist - "On its cover, Minx is salacious and flirty, a confection of sex and fun. Inside, though, it’s a multi-layered joy, the kind of comedy that reveals a few more intricacies and a little more humanity with each subsequent perusal."

The first episode of Minx is available to watch with a NOW Entertainment Membership, with new episodes arriving weekly.

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