A Marvel favourite has joined the next Mission: Impossible movie 4 years ago

A Marvel favourite has joined the next Mission: Impossible movie

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The best action franchise on the planet is coming back.



Mission: Impossible is one of the most successful, enjoyable and increasingly over-the-top movie franchises out there.

The stunts are second to none, and Tom Cruise's commitment to elevating each new film - alongside regular collaborator Christopher McQuarrie - means that the M:I series has become genuine event cinema.

We know that there are two more instalments confirmed and though very little has been revealed plot-wise so far, we have at least one big name signed, sealed, and delivered.

Joining up with Cruise, McQuarrie - who will write and direct both films - and the returning Rebecca Ferguson is none other than Hayley Atwell, who Marvel fans will know well.


Atwell famously played Agent Peggy Carter across various MCU properties, including her own short-lived TV show.

She also, of course, took centre stage in the closing, emotional moments of Avengers: Endgame.

McQuarrie shared the news via his Instagram account on Friday.

For her part, Atwell responded with:


"Mission: Accepted. Though I’m not the sort to follow orders."

All very modern and hi-tech, we're sure you agree.

Currently untitled, the next two Mission: Impossible adventures are scheduled to be filmed back-to-back and will be released on 23 July, 2021 and 5 August, 2022, respectively.

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