Moe Dunford talks about his new Irish movie The Dig and his incredible career to date 3 years ago

Moe Dunford talks about his new Irish movie The Dig and his incredible career to date

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He truly is one of Ireland's best and brightest up-and-coming talents.

The latest generation of Irish talent is truly something for us all to be proud of, and even amongst that extremely talented bunch, one of the actors that has already grabbed everyone's attention is Moe Dunford.


Since his breakout role in 2014's powerful drama Patrick's Day, he has had some kind of magical divining rod that has found him involved in some of the biggest and best Irish projects of recent years: Handsome Devil, Michael Inside, Rosie, and Black '47 on the big screen, as well as Striking Out and Vikings on the small screen.

His great streak looks set to continue thanks to the double-whammy of dark comedy drama Dark Lies The Island with Peter Coonan, and BBC series Dublin Murders with Tom Vaughn-Lawlor, Killian Scott, and Sarah Greene.

But before all of that, he headlines new murder-mystery drama The Dig, in which he plays a man recently released from a 15-year stint in prison for the murder of an ex-girlfriend, whose body was never discovered.

Returning home, he finds the victim's father has spent those 15 years digging up the bog on his land, convinced that her body was buried there. Having committed the murder while blackout drunk, Dunford has no memory of where her body is either, and so tenuously joins the father in the dig for his daughter.


It is a grim, emotional drama that will likely stay with viewers once the credits have begun to roll, and JOE was lucky enough to sit down with Dunford to chat about the new movie, as well as look back over his impressive career to date, and also a look forward at what to expect next on his IMDb page!

Check out the interview in full right here:

The Dig is released in Irish cinemas from Friday 26 April, and you can book your tickets right here.


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