The first entry in a long-running franchise is among the movies on TV tonight 1 year ago

The first entry in a long-running franchise is among the movies on TV tonight

It is one of two options tonight starring Tom Cruise.

Looking for something to watch this evening?


Well, Amazon Prime Video has just added 16 big movies to its library.

However, if none of those are for you, here are the offerings on the box this Tuesday night.

Mission: Impossible - Sky Showcase - 9pm

The first installment of the long-running and largely great spy film series, this 1996 blockbuster follows secret agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) on a mission to uncover the mole who has framed him for the murders of most of his Impossible Missions Force team.


Directed by one of the all-time greats Brian De Palma (Scarface, The Untouchables), certain set-pieces in the first Mission: Impossible - the CIA break-in and the train-set finale - still rank among the best of the entire franchise over 25 years later.

Jack Reacher - ITV4 - 9pm

Tom Cruise stars again here in another very good movie, this time playing a drifter and former army military police officer who becomes embroiled in an investigation into a series of killings.

Jack Reacher is a movie you start watching for Cruise but you keep watching because of legendary German filmmaker Werner Herzog's scene-chewing villainous turn.


Den of Thieves - Film4 - 9pm

Heist thriller Den of Thieves is just the thing to hold you over until that sequel novel to Heat comes out later in the year.

Happy Gilmore - Comedy Central - 9pm

Adam Sandler stars in this classic sports comedy.


The Dead Pool - Turner Classic Movies - 9pm

The final entry in the Clint Eastwood-starring Dirty Harry franchise boasts fun supporting turns from Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson.

The Shanghai Job - Syfy - 10pm

Orlando Bloom stars in this action thriller as a washed-up private security agent tasked with escorting a valuable Chinese antique out of Shanghai before being ambushed en route.

Cabin Fever - Horror Channel - 10.45pm


This is the 2016 remake of Eli Roth's comedy-horror favourite.

American Assassin - Film4 - 11.50pm

After the death of his girlfriend at the hands of terrorists, a young man (Dylan O'Brien) is drawn into the world of counterterrorism, mentored by a tough-as-nails former US Navy SEAL (Michael Keaton).