One of the best revenge movies of all time is among the movies on TV tonight 2 weeks ago

One of the best revenge movies of all time is among the movies on TV tonight

If our main pick isn't to your liking, then you'll be happy to hear there are THIRTEEN other movies to choose from!

Before we get to the list of movies on TV tonight, here is our weekly round-up of our three big picks of movies and shows you shouldn't miss at home this weekend:


Now, on with tonight's list, starting with...

Star Trek First Contact - Film4 - 6.50pm


The crew of the Next Generation go back in time to stop the big bad Borg from assimilating all of humanity. Definitely one of the best Star Trek movies.

The Next Three Days - Virgin Media One - 9pm

Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde and Liam Neeson star in this action-thriller about a man who breaks his wife out of prison and goes on the run with her.

Central Intelligence - E4 - 9pm


The Rock and Kevin Hart star in this very entertaining action comedy about a CIA agent who goes on the run with the only guy who was ever nice to him in high school.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One - MTV - 9pm

The third entry in the Hunger Games quadrilogy sees everyone preparing for the eventual all-out war.

50 First Dates - Comedy Central - 9pm


Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore reunite for this rom-com about a man who falls in love with a woman who suffers from chronic amnesia.

The Equalizer - Film4 - 9pm

Denzel Washington is a man with a particular set of skills, who is dragged out of his quiet life when a neighbour gets into real trouble.

Terminator Salvation - Dave - 9pm

Better than you remember it being, this future-set action-thriller features Christian Bale, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Worthington.


Alien: Covenant - RTÉ2 - 9.30pm

Director Ridley Scott tries to course-correct the franchise after Prometheus with this horror sequel, which tries to recapture the magic of the first two Alien films, which it never quite manages to do.

Creed - RTÉ One - 10.35pm

Brilliant performances, great fight sequences, Stallone at his best in years, and great direction from Ryan Coogler, who would go on to re-team with Michael B. Jordan when he directed Black Panther.

The Accountant - BBC One - 10.40pm

Ben Affleck stars in this odd thriller about an accountant... who is also an assassin?

Dirty Grandpa - Channel 4 - 11.05pm

Robert De Niro's fall from grace continued with this bad comedy, co-starring Zac Efron.

Dead Man's Shoes - Film4 - 11.40pm

Our pick for tonight is one of the greatest revenge movies of all time.

Paddy Considine plays a soldier who returns to his hometown, and reunites his younger brother (played by Toby Kebbell), who he discovers has been regularly receiving physical abuse from the local gang of drug dealers, so he takes it upon himself to get revenge.

Stark, unsettling, violent, upsetting and a truly memorable ending, it is a properly brilliant movie.

T2: Trainspotting - Channel 4 - 1.05am

The long-delayed sequel to the much-loved 90s original drama. Ewan McGregor and co. return to their hometown, decades later, and we get to see what everyone has been up to in the decades since.

Blades of Glory - Film4 - 1.25am

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder headline this very fun comedy set in the world of competitive ice skating.