Here are the 9 best movies on TV this Valentine's Day 9 months ago

Here are the 9 best movies on TV this Valentine's Day

Gotta be nothing but romance, right?



As ever, the TV gods seek to confuse us. But they're also here to entertain.

Here's the best around on this Friday, 14 February...

Edward Scissorhands - Film 4 - 6.55pm

Vintage Tim Burton.

Dr. No - ITV4 - 8pm

007 on his very first assignment.

Haywire - SyFy - 9pm


Gina Carano swaps out MMA for a big screen spy adventure that boasts the likes of Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum and Ewan McGregor in support.

Rocky IV - RTÉ 2 - 9.30pm

Arguably more montage than film with a wildly over-the-top '80s soundtrack.

The Handmaiden - Film 4 - 11.10pm

Superb award-winning drama set in Korea during Japanese rule. A young con artist is installed in a rich home as a handmaiden only for things to take a dramatic turn.


Demolition Man - TCM - 11.10pm

Arch-enemies Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes get thawed out, wake up in the future and try to kill one another all over again.

End of Watch - BBC Two - 11.45pm

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pêna as two Los Angeles cops that find themselves in a violent escalating nightmare.


How To Lose Friends And Alienate People - Channel 4 - 12.10am

Simon Pegg sets out to become a top magazine writer in America, encountering love and wacky characters along the way. Based on the wildly obnoxious Toby Young book of the same name.

Full Metal Jacket - ITV4 - 12.30am

Stanley Kubrick's hellish vision of war.