Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Thursday 3 months ago

Here are the 8 best movies on TV this Thursday

It's Thursday. You know what that means.

It means we're all acting responsibly, following official health guidelines to the letter and maintaining social distancing in a bid to slow the spread of Covid-19.

That doesn't mean we can't have entertainment, though.

And thus, here are your best movie options on TV on Thursday 19 March...

Pitch Perfect 2 - Film 4 - 6.45pm

The second one.

Logan - Film 4 - 9pm

Superb sombre adventure and easily Hugh Jackman's finest performance as the most razor-sharp of the X-Men.

The Hangover - ITV2 - 9pm

A wild stag weekend births a curious trilogy.

Ocean's Twelve - Comedy Central - 9pm

The one where Julia Roberts pretends to be Julia Roberts.

Full Metal Jacket - TCM - 9pm

Hey, how about an intensely grim war film to lift the spirits?

Frantic - TCM - 11.30pm

Harrison Ford tries to track down his missing wife in Paris.

Our Kind of Traitor - Film 4 - 11.45pm

Ewan McGregor leads the way in a fairly under-seen spy thriller.

Stand Up Guys - Film 4 - 1.55am

Christopher Walken and Al Pacino light up a mob comedy.