Roger Moore's best ever James Bond film is among the movies on TV tonight 6 months ago

Roger Moore's best ever James Bond film is among the movies on TV tonight

"Absolutely. There's no sense in going off half-cocked."

There are a slew of good TV movies on tonight (March 9) with our top pick a James Bond classic that was Roger Moore's first time out as 007.


If you're Jones-ing for a Thursday movie, there a few good options. With Scream VI out in cinemas this week, you could catch up on the slasher franchise. You could also watch one of the 19 big movies Prime Video recently added to its library.

Or you could check out one of the following films airing on TV this evening, starting with 007 meeting up with a lady called Solitaire and dicing with death in New Oreleans.

Live and Let Die - ITV 4 - 9pm

Taking over the James Bond franchise from Sean Connery? Not a bother to old smoothie himself, Roger Moore.


Having proved his acting chops in The Saint and The Persuaders, the English actor took over from Connery in 1973. This slick production folds in dictators from a Caribbean island, black magic, alligators, jazz in New Orleans and Jane Seymour as Bond's main love interest.

Before he got too old for the role and was hanging off a blimp at the Golden Gate Bridge, Moore brought a heightened sense of playfulness to the Bond role while handling himself well in action sequences.

TV movies Roger Moore poses on location for the filming of James Bond film 'Live And Let Die', in March, 1973 (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

The Eagle Has Landed - BBC 4 - 9pm

Over on BBC Four, we have a jaunty, rip-roaring action thriller about a Nazi plot, during World War II, to kidnap Winston Churchill while he is on a weekend retreat in the English countryside.

Adapted from Jack Higgins' book, the novelty of this movie is that many acting heavyweights from the UK and America get to play the Nazis trying to snuff out dear old Winston.

Passenger 57 - Turner Classic Movies (TCM) - 9pm


We were sorely tempted to have this Wesley Snipes action thriller as our top pick.

Snipes plays a bereaved and cynical security adviser that handed in his police badge for a so-called simpler life. All that changes when a crack criminal crew try to hijack a flight to Los Angeles and spring an international terrorist from FBI custody. Snipes is brilliant in the lead role, with support from Bruce Greenwood, the late Tom Sizemore and Elizabeth Hurley.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Channel 5 - 11:30pm

Far removed from the original, which starred Charlton Heston, this Planet of the Apes take starts off with a scientist hoping to discover a cure for Alzheimer's disease and inadvertently creating an army of super-smart chimpanzees. Andy Serkis is at his CGI-suit best, again, while James Franco and Freida Pinto also star.

She's Funny That Way - Channel 4 - 1am (Friday morning)


A married Broadway director gets entangled with a prostitute, who shows up to audition for his latest production and starts to enthral and attract those around her. Quirky movie starring Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and Imogen Poots.

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