One of the best thrillers of the last 10 years is among the movies on TV tonight 6 months ago

One of the best thrillers of the last 10 years is among the movies on TV tonight

Your Wednesday evening movies menu has arrived!

If you're not sure what you want to watch this evening, we've picked out all of the movies on the telly to choose from, and tell you which movies to definitely watch, and which movies to definitely avoid. Starting with...


Star Trek - FilmFour - 6.35pm

The new 'n' sexy reboot with Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. Legitimately a lot of fun, if not particularly Star Trek'y.

The Living Daylights - ITV4 - 7.45pm

Timothy Dalton's first outing as Bond was making 007 gritty decades before Daniel Craig arrived. It also features one of the best Bond songs of all time, thanks to A-Ha.


The Last Witch Hunter - Sky Showcase - 9pm

Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie and Michael Caine star in this quite bad fantasy action thriller. Add it to the pile of non-Fast and Furious franchises that Diesel tried and failed to kick start.

Righteous Kill - TCM - 9pm

We recently wrote about this movie's 15th anniversary and how it marked the beginning of the end for some of our biggest acting heroes.


Flight - FilmFour - 9pm

Denzel Washington teams up with visionary director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) to tell this story of an alcoholic airline pilot who managed to safely land a passenger jet following mechanical failure.

War - TCM - 11.10pm

Jet Li and Jason Statham star in this very bad action movie. War, what is it good for? Not a decent movie, in this case.


Hell Or High Water - FilmFour - 11.45pm

Our pick for the night is this exceptional thriller, featuring a pair of brothers (Chris Pine and Ben Foster) who are performing a series of high risk bank robberies in order to make enough money to save their farm. But what they don't know is that a very talented Texas Ranger (Jeff Bridges) is slowly closing the net around them.

From the writer of Sicario and Yellowstone, and the director of brilliant prison drama Starred Up, the film is packed with career-best performances, and some scenes of pure, unbridled tension. Definitely one of the best thrillers of the last ten years.

The Escapist - FilmFour - 1.50am

If you're up late, Brian Cox headlines a very decent cast (Liam Cunningham, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis and Dominic Cooper also feature) in this tense prison escape drama thriller.


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