Mrs. Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll is officially getting his own new TV show 2 years ago

Mrs. Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll is officially getting his own new TV show

"I don't have to wear a bra!"

Brendan O'Carroll has done just about everything under the sun, from TV shows and movies to books and plays; probably the only one missing from his list, in fact, was a quiz show.

That's now been checked off the box.

The star and the brains behind Mrs. Brown's Boys is officially getting a brand new panel show on BBC One, which "celebrates ordinary people and their extraordinary facts".

For Facts Sake will see two teams face off in a series of entertaining rounds and games that uncover some of the more remarkable facts about the world. The show will feature a rotating cast of Mrs. Brown's Boys regulars as team captains, while the rest of the panel is made up of audience members who are invited to join the game.

Commenting on the news, O'Carroll said: “I’m really excited to be doing a show where I don’t have to wear a bra!"

"When we did the pilot it was great fun, if we can capture that on the screen we are all in for a good time."

Dan Baldwin, Managing Director of Hungry Bear Media, says: "Brendan is incredibly bright, is the ultimate raconteur and has a hunger for exceptional facts and unbelievable historical truths.

"The show will put both his, and the audience’s, knowledge to the test with brilliantly funny rounds, games and VTs that push the public firmly in the spotlight. If you like your comedy to have ‘take home’ then you’ll love For Facts Sake."

For Facts Sake will probably split opinions - just like everything else O'Carroll has ever done - but given he is said to have an IQ higher than Stephen Fry himself, it might be the role that works best for the Marmite of comedy.

The series will air later this year on BBC One.