Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is on RTÉ One tonight, so let's look back at some of the harshest reviews 3 years ago

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is on RTÉ One tonight, so let's look back at some of the harshest reviews

It isn't exactly a landmark of national pride.

Don't get us wrong, we don't want to take away any joy that anyone might have from watching the TV show that the movie - or is that D'Movie? - is based on, because people seem to love that show, and more power to them.

No, this is aimed specifically at D'Movie, which was released in June 2014, and went on to make around NINE TIMES it's own budget back at the box office.

Yes, Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie was a commercial success - so much so that there is a sequel and apparently two spin-offs in the works (one of which is apparently based on Mr. Wang, in which Brendan O'Carroll went full yellow-face) - but in terms of critics? No. The critics sharpened their axes and went to absolute town on D'Movie.

The film wasn't shown to critics before release (never a good sign), and went on score a paltry 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. For comparison, Showgirls has an RT score of 19%, and even Batman & Robin is sitting relatively pretty with 10%.

Not that it mattered, because even as the cast themselves pointed out, Mrs. Brown's Boys is practically critic-proof. Not that it stopped the critics from giving it a good go regardless...

"This isn't funny. It isn't even unfunny. It's something close to anti-funny." - The Telegraph

"It's more funny-peculiar than funny ha-ha, and at times downright inexplicable." - Sydney Morning Herald

"Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is relentlessly crude, utterly devoid of any cinematic qualities and, most crucially, completely unfunny." - The Herald

"Will leave even the most fervent of fans disappointed by its abattoir of wit." - Total Film

"Almost avant-garde in its commitment to unfunny, it's shambolically performed by the majority of its cast, and shot and edited in a fashion so slapdash it seems like a movie made almost entirely by competition winners." - Empire

"Not funny on any level, at all. [...] It's good that the cast [laugh at themselves in the bloopers] because were it not for the cast laughing at the jokes, there wouldn't be anybody laughing in the cinema... there are no laughs. None." - Mark Kermode

"I'm afraid I can't say I laughed, or even smiled, once in the whole godforsaken 93 minutes." - The Independent

Anyways, Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie is on RTÉ One tonight at 9.30pm.


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