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17th Feb 2024

TV presenter involved in hilarious on-air blunder

Callum Boyle



A BBC presenter mistakenly revealed the details of her niece’s surprise birthday party live on-air.

BBC Weather’s Kawser Quamer was left red-faced after she started chatting about the party before realising that she had given the game away.

A clip of Qaumer has gone viral on social media in which she returned to the sofa after finishing the weather report for North West Tonight.

Presenter Annabel Tiffin then asked: “So, what have you got (coming) up at the weekend? Anything exciting?”

Quamer innocently replied: “My niece’s surprise birthday party,” without realising she had spelled out the surprise until her colleague pointed it out.

“Oh that’s lovely. But not a surprise if she’s watching this,” Tiffin said.

Seeing the funny side of it, Quamer said: “Oh goodness me, I’ve spoiled the surprise.”

TV presenter involved in hilarious on-air blunder

She then gave the shush sign to keep the viewers quiet before she then burst out laughing.

Viewers saw the funny side of the moment with one saying: “We were watching it last night. Gave us a great hoot. Styled it out well. Happy birthday to your niece.”

Another commented: “Announcing it live on television makes up for it, I think.”

A third added: Brilliant, I needed that laugh tonight, thank you!”

We hope Kawser’s niece has a lovely not-so surprise birthday party!

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