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14th Feb 2024

People are rediscovering this classic Irish movie on the RTÉ Player

Stephen Porzio


The extremely quotable crime comedy stars multiple Irish actors that would go on to be Oscar nominated.

Irish crime-comedy Intermission was recently added to the RTÉ Player, sparking revived interest in the beloved 2003 movie.

Directed by John Crowley (Brooklyn) and written by Mark O’Rowe (Perrier’s Bounty), the film centres around Dublin man John (Cillian Murphy) as he attempts a ‘trial’ breakup with his girlfriend, Deirdre (Kelly Macdonald).

When she starts dating a middle-aged banker, however, John quickly realizes his mistake.

“A chance encounter introduces John to small-time crook Lehiff (Colin Farrell), and together they team up to get revenge on the banker by stealing from his bank,” the plot synopsis reads.

“Unluckily for them, a local hotshot police detective (Colm Meaney) has it out for Lehiff, and his increased scrutiny threatens to unravel their plot.”

Classic Irish movie Intermission is on the RTÉ Player

Also featuring amongst Intermission’s star-studded cast are the likes of Brian F. O’Byrne, David Wilmot, Deirdre O’Kane, Kerry Condon, Michael McElhatton and Shirley Henderson.

The movie was well-liked upon release thanks to its energetic direction, its terrific performances, as well as its quotable screenplay which mixes gritty crime, comedy and sincere emotion to great effect.

And also who could forget this scene where Murphy’s John convinces Farrell’s Lehiff to add brown sauce to his tea.

In the years since, the movie has gone on to be considered a cult classic, its standing perhaps helped by the fact that many of its cast went on to huge success – with Condon, Farrell and Murphy all nabbing Oscar nominations in recent years.

And now, as the film has been added to the RTÉ Player after airing on TV last month, many have been revisiting Intermission.

You can see a handful of tweets about this right here:

Intermission is available to stream on the RTÉ Player right here.

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