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02nd May 2024

Pair of designer jeans with ‘wee stains’ selling for €740

Ryan Price

Is this another case of fashion going too far?

JORDANLUCA, a London-based menswear brand who debuted a fairly controversial new type of legwear at Milan Fashion Week last year, are now selling the viral pair of jeans for over £500.

The brand specialises in erotica and kink-related fashion, and their pee-stained jeans became a major talking point when it was included in their Fall/Winter 23 collection.

While fashion trends are ever-changing and most things have their moment before being tossed to the side shortly after, we can only hope that these ‘I’ve messed myself’ trousers have a short life.

JORDANLUCA’s soiled denim boasts a slim leg tapered at the ankles, with a discolored wash and darkened urine stains around the zipper.

The upside of the new style is that it now offers those who return to their table in the pub an excuse if they’ve had a few stray dribbles at the urinal. “Oh it’s not what you think. These are just my new JORDANLUCA jeans.”

Some of the comments on the brand’s Instagram don’t hold back in terms of what they think of the controversial style.

One person wrote: “How stupid. That looks ridiculous and anyone that thinks this is high fashion must be high themselves. That’s something you design when you have got nothing , your mind is either blank or filled with so much garbage you can’t think of anything.

“I’m really stunned that society would let themselves be played like this. I hope the collective conscious wakes up and realizes how foolish this is along with all the other nonsense this generation has been fed.”

Another user took a more humorous approach to the jeans. “The smell is included or you have to buy the perfume?”, he wrote.

The jeans are now completely sold out, and sold for around £500 a pop.

Some pairs are still available at select stockists for £635 GBP, so if you fancy making a statement when you go out in your local this weekend, you know where to go.

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