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16th May 2024

OnlyFans model who flashed Dublin through portal reveals she did it as revenge for 9/11 photo

Ryan Price

The act of exposure led to the attraction being shut down for hours.

The OnlyFans model who is being labelled as the person who single-handedly shut down the Dublin to New York portal by flashing people on the other side has revealed that she has ‘received thousands of death threats’.

25-year-old Ava Louise told the Daily Mail that members of the public who were present at the New York side of the attraction “had a great reaction and were very encouraging – full of laughter!”

“Now, people aren’t too happy. I’m receiving thousands of death threats.

“I just wanted my boobs to be international! Honestly, boobs are harmless.”

The influencer explained that her daring display was an act of revenge towards the Irish side of the portal, after someone on North Earl Street in Dublin held up a picture of the 9/11 terror attacks on their phone.

In the clip, Ava can be seen walking up to the New York side of the portal, next to the Flatiron Building, wearing black leggings and a small white top which she enthusiastically raised as she screamed ‘yay.’ 

The portal was temporarily shut down after the incident, with Dublin City Council citing ‘inappropriate behavior’ as the reason for the closure.

Ava has since revealed the extent of the backlash she has faced in light of her act of exposure.

The TikTok star added: “Being topless in NYC is legal and the shutdown wasn’t entirely my responsibility.

“I’m sure the world has noted there were more heinous things displayed by other people in the portal.

“Plus, Elon Musk replied to a tweet about it – now he has seen my boobies!”

She also disclosed how much she revealed from the whole affair.

She told the New York Post in an interview published on 15 May: “In the past two days, I made $30,000 just off this whole scandal, so it’s been awesome.”

That’s over €27,000 in just 48 hours.

For the most part, though, the portal has been a big success, attracting crowds of people interacting positively.

The Dublin portal is set to eventually be connected with other destinations, including Poland, Brazil and Lithuania.

Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys is the mind behind the innovative design and, starting from mid-May, the project will feature scheduled programming, including celebrating New York Design Week Festival.

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