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11th May 2024

Colin Farrell’s Sugar makes brilliant change to opening credits after crazy twist

Stephen Porzio

Spoilers ahead for Sugar.

We’re curious how many viewers noticed the change.

We here at JOE raved about Colin Farrell’s new Apple TV+ detective thriller drama Sugar a couple of weeks ago, stating that it boasts two “gripping mysteries”.

The Irish Oscar-nominee stars in the series as a modern-day private investigator named John Sugar who is hired by famous Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel (James Cromwell) to locate his missing granddaughter Olivia (Sydney Chandler).

That being said, even those who had watched the trailer for the show had no doubt gathered that there was more to its plot than what initially meets the eye.

The tagline accompanying the teaser clip read: “Los Angeles. Private investigator. Missing person. Mystery person,” and indeed the more the series went on, a second mystery started to unfurl itself: “Who exactly is John Sugar?”

As we noted in our review:

“Characters are constantly pointing out how the PI – who models himself off of heroes from old noir films (clips from which are spliced throughout the series) – is unusual, as if he is almost too perfect.

“Also sprinkled throughout the show are other eccentricities about John Sugar – he goes above and beyond to help random strangers he encounters, he is secretive about his past, he suffers from strange spasms that he needs to take injections for, he lacks the ability to get drunk even after knocking back several whiskeys, he is part of an enigmatic club apparently for polyglots (Sugar speaks multiple languages fluently) alongside his handler in LA named Ruby (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) with whom he has close yet somewhat icy relationship with.

“More and more of these odd details stack up on top of each other throughout the show until you’re tuning in less for the traditional mystery for what happened to Olivia but more to get to the bottom of what the deal is with John Sugar.”

Well, at the end of the sixth episode of the show, titled ‘Go Home’, viewers got their answer to this question.

If you don’t want anything from Sugar’s first seven episodes to be spoiled on you, now is the time to stop reading.


We learned at the end of ‘Go Home’ that John Sugar is in fact… an alien.

That’s right, he and his fellow extraterrestrials – the aforementioned polyglots – have been tasked to live amongst humans on Earth and covertly report back to their home planet.

Whilst doing this, Sugar – reeling from the disappearance of his sister Djen years ago – decided to become a PI, using his special alien skills to help save missing people.

And following this alien reveal, a slight change has been made to the series’ opening credits.

In episode seven, the most recently released episode which is titled ‘The Friends You Keep’, the intro plays out as usual for the most part with these stylish oil painting-like tableaus of John Sugar in classic LA locations and the city’s skies.

However, in its closing moments – which was previously just a shot of Sugar looking up at the sky – the PI’s eyes now glow blue, further revealing his alien nature.

Sugar’s final episode ‘Farewell’ premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, 17 May.

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