Chris O'Dowd's new 'rom-com for people who hate rom-coms' is now on Netflix 4 years ago

Chris O'Dowd's new 'rom-com for people who hate rom-coms' is now on Netflix

First of all, no, this is in no way related to that other, very similarly-titled Netflix project, Jessica Jones, who we're sure is incredible in her own ways.

Instead, this is The Incredible Jessica James, played by the equally incredibly (and also very similarly-named) Jessica Williams, an aspiring, New York-based writer who is looking to have an uncomplicated rebound after a break-up.


Instead, she crosses paths with Boone (that's where our very own O'Dowd comes into play) and the uncomplicated bit gets a bit, well, complicated.

Clip via Netflix

The film has just arrived on Netflix's streaming service today, and we're fully recommending that you dedicate 85 minutes of your weekend to watching it, but don't just take out word for it, some of the biggest movie critics in the world are also heaping praise at the film:

"The Incredible Jessica James is an enchanting, deftly-written and witty movie for lovers and haters of romantic comedies, as well as for all those in between." - The Wrap

"Funny, feel good, and touching, The Incredible Jessica James will leave you with a smile on your face." - Screen Crush

"Places Williams at the centre of a thoroughly conventional indie narrative — trusting his star’s sensibility to freshen up otherwise stale scenarios. Fortunately, Williams delivers on every count." - Variety


"There’s abundant pleasure in watching comedienne Jessica Williams in this star-making performance." - Screen International