Netflix reveals sequels to some of their biggest shows and movies 3 weeks ago

Netflix reveals sequels to some of their biggest shows and movies

The streaming service giant sent a tsunami of new trailers, footage and first looks over the weekend.

Netflix hosted a huge event of the weekend, simply titled TUDUM, named after that iconic sound that kicks in whenever you open up the streaming service.


Over the course of TUDUM, a host of new trailers, footage, clips, first looks, casting announcements and release dates were revealed, and we've compiled all of the most exciting stuff here for your collective enjoyment.

So, going in order of the first arrive, we kick off with...

Army of Thieves

This prequel to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead sees Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) drafted by a mysterious woman to assist a group of some of the world's most-wanted criminals to help break into three of the most-secure bank vaults in Europe.

Premiering Friday, 29 October.

Red Notice


The TUDUM event gave a proper look at an actual scene from the upcoming action-adventure, in which an FBI agent (The Rock) recruits a world-class thief (Ryan Reynolds) to help track down and capture another world-class thief (Gal Gadot).

Premiering Friday, 12 November.

Tiger King 2

Nobody expected the first season of Tiger King to become a global phenomenon in the way that it did, so who knows what to expect from the sequel?


Premiering Wednesday, 17 November.

Cowboy Bebop

Based on the beloved anime series about three of the galaxy's best bounty hunters, all trying to outrun their own dodgy pasts. Netflix showed off the show's opening credits sequence, so we can get a glimpse of how true to the origins the adaptation is going to be.


Premiering Friday, 19 November.

The Witcher Season 2

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) can travel the world and kill as many monsters as possible, but can he ever escape the monster within??


Premiering Friday, 17 December.

Emily in Paris

Looks like Emily... won't actually be in Paris much this time?

Premiering Wednesday, 22 December.

Don't Look Up

Netflix gave another clip tease, this time with a pair of astrophysicists (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) trying to warn the President of the United States (Meryl Streep) about an impending catastrophe, but it falling on deaf ears.

Premiering Friday, 24 December.

Cobra Kai Season 4

The battle for the soul of the Valley is about to kick off!

Premiering Friday, 31 December.

The Crown Season 5

Taking over the role from Olivia Colman, The Queen will now be played by Imelda Staunton, who shares a message from the set of the latest season of The Crown.

Premiering November 2022.

Bridgerton Season 2

The scandal. THE SCANDAL!

Due to premiere some time in 2022.

Vikings: Valhalla

This spin-off to the hit Vikings series is created by the guy who wrote both Die Hard AND The Fugitive. So we expect some great action from this, if nothing else.

Due to premiere some time in 2022.

Ozark Season 4

The fourth and final season of Ozark will be released in two chunks across next year, just to reeeaaaalllllly drag out that suspense.

Due to premiere some time in 2022.

The Sandman

Based on the groundbreaking series of graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, this is one of those productions that a lot of Hollywood figured might simply be TOO BIG to ever be adapted properly. But Netflix has stepped up to the plate...

No release date as of yet.

Extraction 2

Spoilers for Netflix's most-watched original movie of all time, but it looks like Tyler Rake isn't as dead as we'd all been led to believe.

No set release date as of yet.

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