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16th Jan 2024

Netflix drops trailer for extremely X-rated series about the most famous adult star in the world

Charlie Herbert


Headphones could be a good idea for this one.

Netflix has released the raunchy first trailer for its upcoming series about one of the world’s most famous adult stars.

Before you go any further, I’ll warn you: even though this is just a trailer, you probably won’t want your parents catching you watching it.

It might be one of the most X-rated trailers ever released.

Supersex is an upcoming series from Netflix inspired by the life and career of Rocco Siffredi, an Italian adult film star who has appeared in more than 1,300 porn videos.

With Alessandro Borghi playing Siffredi, the series will look at how Siffredi went from being Rocco Tano, a “simple guy from Ortona” in central Italy, to becoming the “most famous pornstar in the world.”

And it doesn’t look like the series, written and created by Italian screenwriter Francesca Manieri, will hold back.

In the trailer, which is less than two minutes long, there’s drama, moaning, fights, partying, heavy breathing, explosions and a fair amount of skin on show.

Along with real stories from Siffredi’s life, Supersex will also use fictional storylines.

For example, the character of Lucia – played by Jasmine Trinca – is a fictional woman who “represents a synthesis of most women with whom Rocco had a relationship in his life,” according to the synopsis.

The series will also star Adriano Giannini as Rocco’s half-brother Tommaso; Saul Nanni, who plays a younger Rocco, and Gaia Messerklinger as female Italian porn star, Moana Pozzi.

Reacting to the trailer, one person wrote: “This looks great, can’t wait to see it.”

Another said: “Looks right up my alley. Bring it on!”

And a third said: “This is going to be something to watch for sure.”

Supersex will arrive on Netflix on March 6 this year.

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