Netflix teases action-packed, epic final season of Ozark 2 weeks ago

Netflix teases action-packed, epic final season of Ozark

The Byrdes will return to screens in the new year.

The first part of Ozark's fourth and final season arrives on Netflix in January, with the streaming service gearing fans up for an action-packed, epic batch of new episodes.


It had previously been announced that for its last season, the show has had its episode order bumped from its traditional ten episodes to 14 in order to wrap up its storylines.

However, the 14 episodes will be split into two parts consisting of seven episodes each, with the second half being released at a later date.

Ahead of the series four premiere, Netflix has released a batch of images from the new season, one of which sees lead character Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) on his knees held at gunpoint.

You can check out some of those stills below.

Meanwhile, Netflix has also released an intriguing new teaser for Ozark season four, which flashes backwards through the events which have led the show's characters to where they are now heading into the final series.


“Human beings make decisions, they commit acts and that makes things happen. It creates a snowball effect - causes other people to make decisions," Bateman's Marty is heard reflecting in voiceover.

"The cycle continues and the snowball keeps rolling.

"Sometimes people make decisions and you've got to act accordingly or you can fall in a hole to die."

That is before the teaser reads: “No ending is reached by accident."


Clip via Netflix

For those who are unaware, Ozark centres on Marty, a financial advisor who drags his wife and kids from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a Mexican drug cartel.

Yet, it isn't long before the Byrdes find themselves entangled with the local criminals of their new region too.

With the new teaser's heavy emphasis on Marty and Wendy's actions to date and the intense images released alongside it, perhaps the show is suggesting a reckoning for the pair over their past deeds is coming.


Or, as so far to date, can the two somehow manage to keep their heads above water?

We can't wait to find out.

The first part of Ozark season four premieres on 21 January on Netflix.

Main image via Netflix/Twitter