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13th Nov 2021

New Netflix true crime doc sounds like a must watch for fans of The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Stephen Porzio

The Crime Scene series is getting a follow-up exploring a different case and location.

According to Netflix, its true crime documentary series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel was watched by over 45 million households in the first 28 days after it premiered earlier in 2021.

Following its success, the streamer has announced that the show has been renewed for three more seasons, with its second season premiering just next month.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger, who was also behind 2019’s Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel analyzed how a Los Angeles hotel’s tragic history contributed to the mystery around a young guest’s disappearance.

“We always saw potential for Crime Scene to be an ongoing series about how certain locations became accomplices to crimes that took place there,” Netflix said in a statement.

“Now, as part of our deepening creative partnership with Joe and on the heels of the high interest in season one, we are pleased to renew the series for three additional seasons – each tackling a new location with a dark past.”

The second installment is titled Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer, with the synopsis for the project from Netflix reading:

“Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer will examine how the danger and depravity of New York’s Times Square in the late 1970s and early 1980s made it possible for one man to commit – and nearly get away with – unthinkable acts in a nearly-lawless area rife with drugs and sex work.

“These three episodes will delve into the social and systemic forces that allowed horrific crimes to go unnoticed for too long.”

Berlinger is back to direct Crime Scene: The Times Square Killer, which will premiere on Netflix on 29 December.

You can watch a brief teaser for the documentary series below.

Main image via Twitter/Netflix

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