New Peaky Blinders trailer teases an old enemy that's back for Tommy 2 years ago

New Peaky Blinders trailer teases an old enemy that's back for Tommy

The next episode looks set to be a cracker.

As always, if you haven't seen the most recent episode of Peaky Blinders, consider this to be your spoiler alert warning.


Seriously, look away now.

Right now, the identity of the 'black cat' is currently dominating the discussion for Peaky Blinders fans as the mystery of the traitor in the Shelby family is yet to be resolved.

At present, a lot of focus is being given to Michael Gray but we think he's a red herring. His new wife though, Gina, is a very different story.


Compelling arguments have been made for Esme and Aunt Polly too, but it appears that Tommy may have a different threat to worry about in the next episode which airs on Sunday.

To begin with, cast you mind back to the Season 4 finale as Arthur put a bullet in the head of Luca Changretta to end their feud.

After killing Adrien Brody's character, Luca's henchmen refused to retaliate because Tommy made a deal with Al Capone and Luca's rivals in New York.

Basically, all the blood relatives that Luca brought to Birmingham in his vendetta against the Shelby family were killed. At the end of it all, Luca was left with hired mercenaries by his side and they only work for the highest bidder.


After Tommy outmanoeuvred Luca, these henchmen all got new orders to betray Luca.

Here they are

Peaky Blinders Peaky Blinders

Well, in the latest trailer for the next episode, it appears that one of these henchmen has returned to Birmingham.


Granted, it's a very quick image blink-and-you'll-miss-it  moment, but we're fairly certain that it's the same character.

The official plot synopsis of the next episode does confirm our suspicions because it appears that a figure from Tommy's past will make an appearance.

The official synopsis states that: "Tommy waits by the water at Charlie’s Yard to meet a dangerous adversary. Despite their past grievances, the pair agree to a truce. Later, in a private room at the Garrison pub, as Tommy meets with his constituents to hear their grievances, a mysterious stranger with a message arrives.

"At his Westminster office, Tommy makes Aberama an offer he can’t refuse before inviting Mosley to a party he is throwing for Lizzie’s birthday. On the night of the party, things soon take a turn for the worse when a surprise guest arrives."


You can take a look at the latest trailer here.

We shall wait and see.