5 must-watch shows and movies streaming on NOW in October 1 year ago

5 must-watch shows and movies streaming on NOW in October

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The October line-up includes some of the most-anticipated shows of 2022!


Some of the biggest stars in the world and some of the biggest sequels of the year are all in the mix throughout October on NOW.

They've given us a sneak peak of what to expect in October, so all of the below (and more besides!) will be available to stream with your NOW Cinema Membership and your NOW Entertainment Membership, starting with...


Streaming weekly from Thursday, 20 October.


First of all, if you haven't watched the first season of Gangs Of London, then stop what you're doing and go fix that right now. We'll wait...

Welcome back! Wasn't that some of the very best action you've ever seen on a TV show ever? Season Two looks to up the ante, with more double-crosses, criminal intrigue and potential for all-out-war on the streets of London. Brace yourself!



Stream from Friday, 14 October.

The hit sequel to the much-loved adaptation of the classic video game series brings back Jim Carrey as the evil Doctor Robotnik, Ben Schwartz voicing the go-fast blue hedgehog, and James Marsden as the regular guy caught up in the action. However, they're all joined by The Coolest Man Alive (aka Idris Elba), who is voicing the infamous red echidna warrior Knuckles.



Stream weekly from Monday, 31 October.

Hot off winning 10 (TEN!!!) Emmy Awards for its first season, we are relocating from Hawaii to Sicily for this new season. The iconic Jennifer Coolidge is the only returning character (that we know of), back as the now-legendary Tanya McQuoid-Hunt. She'll be joined by a hugely impressive all-star cast including Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, F. Murray Abraham, Tom Hollander and Michael Imperioli.

Here's a small reminder of the events of the first season...



Stream from Friday, 28 October.

As star pairings go, it doesn't get much better than Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. The only thing that could improve upon it is if we were to also get a scene-stealing cameo by Brad Pitt. Which, yes, this movie also has. An old-school adventure romance, if you loved classics like Romancing The Stone, then this is an absolute must-watch.


Stream from Saturday, 29 October.

While there are plenty of modern and classic scary movies to enjoy on NOW over the Halloween weekend, one of the new arrivals is this spooky tale about a mother (Killing Eve star Sandra Oh) and her daughter, who have their lives turned upside down when the cremated ashes of a family member are suddenly delivered to their home.

All of these movies and shows will be available to stream with your NOW Cinema Membership and your NOW Entertainment Membership.

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