OFFICIAL: Season 2 of Derry Girls starts filming next month 1 year ago

OFFICIAL: Season 2 of Derry Girls starts filming next month

A rumoured plotline is gathering pace too.

While our beloved Derry girls - and the wee English fella - take centre stage in Lisa McGee's beloved comedy, a big reason why the show resonates is the brilliant array of supporting characters.

For example, it's impossible not to love Ma Mary's withering put down of Erin after she enquired about the trust fund. Elsewhere, Sister Michael is arguably the best character in the show and even Kamal - the Ethiopian lad from Ballybofey - has a cult following despite never actually being 1) in the show or 2) a real person!

On this note, Granda Joe is arguably the most beloved person on Foyleside because when he's not winking in mass, tucking into a cream horn on Pump Street, or shouting at the Orange Order, he's tormenting his son-in-law, Gerry (Tommy Tiernan), at every opportunity.

During a recent visit to Winterfell Festival  in Castle Ward, Down, we got the chance to chat with the wonderful Ian McElhinney about his role in Game of Thrones - he played Ser Barristan Selmy in the fantasy epic - and Derry Girls (Granda Joe).

As far as scripts for the new season of Derry Girls are concerned, the incredibly likeable actor said that he hasn't seen anything yet but confirmed that filming does get underway very shortly.

"I haven't seen any scripts yet. We start prepping in two weeks' time and we start filming the week after," he said.

With regards to that brilliant cliffhanger at the end of Season One, fans were really moved by the brief moment of reconciliation between Granda Joe and Gerry - that little pat on the shoulder said an awful lot without saying anything at all.

McElhinney was quick to praise the writer of Derry Girls, Lisa McGee, for that brilliant piece of TV.

"It's a clever piece of writing because in a very subtle way, she said a lot about the world in which this comedy is happening and reminded us of that. Lisa did it so discreetly. It's incredible."

With regards to the potential storylines for Season Two, McElhinney is aware of the rumours that the Derry girls might have something to do with Bill Clinton's famous visit to Foyleside.

"I heard a rumour about the Clinton visit, but I know nothing more about that," he said.

As for the magnificent first season, McElhinney does have a favourite line and it's when the whole family were stuck behind the Orange Order parade on the 12th. Remember when Granda Joe was losing the rag after trying to navigate a successful route through all the commotion?

"Well you look like a tangerine too!" screams Granda Joe at the marching Orangemen as his driving leads them into the most uncomfortable situation possible.

One thing's for sure, Season Two of Derry Girls is going to see even more of everyone's favourite Irish Granda.

JOE would like to thank Tourism Northern Ireland, the Slieve Donard Hotel and Winterfell Festival for their hospitality. 

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