OFFICIAL: The Young Offenders will return for Season 3 11 months ago

OFFICIAL: The Young Offenders will return for Season 3

We'll be seeing even more of Conor and Jock. Yes!

If you were to draw up a list of the people that Conor (Alex Murphy) and Jock (Chris Walley) have annoyed over the years, the list would be pretty long.

After all, they've driven Mairead (Hilary Rose) mad - although she gives as good as she gets! - and wound-up Sergeant Healy, Billy Murphy, Principal Barry Walsh, the Madigan family, the Garda, Robert Sheehan, and pretty much everyone that they meet!

One bunch of people that are very happy with The Young Offenders though are the BBC because Season 2 of Peter Foott's show has helped BBC3 set a record week in terms of viewing.

Aside from this, the opening episode of Season 2 also drew an average audience of 370,100 viewers on RT脡2. Not bad, boi!

Well, the inevitable has now happened and we're delighted to confirm that Season 3 of the Cork-set comedy will arrive, as reported by Chortle.

In fact, the new episodes might arrive sooner than expected because when JOE was on set to see the cast and crew filming, we were treated to a sneak peek of what's in store on Season 3.

We're saying nothing!

However, we did get the chance to chat with the cast of the show ahead of the Season 2 premiere and we had to ask them if they'd like to come back and make even more episodes.

Of course, the answer was yes!

"Yeah, yeah. There's a lot more to give. I just think it was great to see the demand for Season 2 and if the demand stays (for Season 3), happy out," said Alex Murphy.

Hilary Rose echoed these sentiments by saying, "Yeah, there's so much more to do with those characters and the storylines. there's a whole lot more to do. Fingers crossed."

We'll give the final word to the long-suffering Principal Barry Walsh (P.J. Gallagher).

"You'd love to, because we're only really getting to know them. Every time you do a scene, you get to know them a bit more. Yeah, we'd love to push it on a bit, said P.J Gallagher.

Take a look.

The next episode in Season 2 of The Young Offenders airs on Monday on RT脡2.