Omniplex offering €5 cinema tickets in 25 cinemas as part of summer seat sale 10 months ago

Omniplex offering €5 cinema tickets in 25 cinemas as part of summer seat sale

The offer lasts from now until 13 August.

Cinemagoers eager to return to watching movies on the big screen will be able to avail of tickets for a fiver as part of the Omniplex summer seat sale running from today (27 July) until Thursday 13 August.


During that time, all tickets for regular seats will be priced at just €5 (£4 in Northern Ireland), while all seats for MAXX and Recline screenings will set patrons back €7 (£5).

All tickets must be purchased online in advance and for every booking, a dynamic in-cinema seat separation will lock empty seats around your group to facilitate social distancing.

Having reopened on 3 July, 25 of Omniplex’s 33 cinemas in Ireland and Northern Ireland are operating at a reduced capacity of about 30%.

All cinemas have implemented enhanced cleaning regimes, reduced showtimes and limited capacity measures as well as the obligatory online booking and in-seat separation systems mentioned above.

Commenting on the sale, Shauna Crawley from Omniplex said: “We’re delighted to launch our summer seat sale, and make it even easier for guests to escape to the movies this summer. You can head off to Wakanda, Pride Rock, Mordor, Hogwarts and so many other distant lands from the comfort of your cinema seat – with a popcorn in hand of course!”

“We’ve actually been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from our guests (upon reopening),” Crawley added.

“They feel very safe, and can see that the safety of our staff and our customers is our number one priority. Ireland is the highest cinema-going nation in Europe, and I think guests are just delighted to be able to escape to the movies once again.”


Showtimes, tickets and more information are available on the Omniplex website.