Once Upon A Time In Hollywood may be turned into a mini-series 1 year ago

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood may be turned into a mini-series

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Brad Pitt says Tarantino's latest could get the Hateful Eight streaming treatment...

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has been a huge hit for writer and director Quentin Tarantino, currently standing north of $285 million in its worldwide box office take.


The film itself is terrific - if quite divisive - with Brad Pitt in particular the leading candidate for deserved Oscar gold, according to JOE's own Rory Cashin.

You've likely seen the movie by now, and so you'll greet the news that Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is being considered for an extended version with either joy or further confused irritation. As we say, this thing has split audiences down the middle.

In conversation with the New York Times this week, Pitt spoke at length about his current career purple patch, though it was an exchange left on the cutting room floor by journalist Kyle Buchanan that caught our eye.

Buchanan took to Twitter to share said outtakes, noting that Tarantino has discussed the potential episodic expansion of his ninth film.

"Yeah he's talked about it," Pitt said. "It's a pretty arousing idea."

As Pitt points out, Tarantino has already made similar moves, transforming The Hateful Eight into a four-part mini-series when it hit Netflix.

“It’s almost the best of both worlds,” Pitt said.


“You have the cinema experience that exists, but you can actually put more content in a series format.”

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood's production left scenes and unseen characters out entirely, including actors Tim Roth and James Marsden.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the film's trailer will also have spotted that Damon Herriman's Charles Manson had at least one shot cut from his solitary scene, so perhaps there's more Manson footage knocking around, too.

In any event, with Hollywood being a patient, hangout movie, there's definitely scope to stretch it out further should Tarantino choose to.


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