One of the greatest crime movies of all time could be getting a sequel 1 month ago

One of the greatest crime movies of all time could be getting a sequel

A follow-up to the movie will be released next month in book form but there are also plans to adapt the new novel for the screen.

Heat, the much-loved and incredibly influential film starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, could be getting a movie sequel.


The news comes from Heat's writer-director Michael Mann, who is currently promoting the movie's follow-up novel Heat 2, which he co-wrote with author Meg Gardiner and is set for release next month.

The 1995 film revolved around a group of thieves (led by De Niro's Neil McCauley) who are hunted by an LAPD detective Vincent Hanna (Pacino) after a botched job.

Often praised for its muscular action set-pieces, rich characters and thematic depth, it is widely regarded as one of the best crime dramas of all time.

Meanwhile, Heat 2 is both a prequel and sequel moving between six years before Heat and the years immediately after it with a focus on Hanna and the character of Chris Shiherlis, who was played by Val Kilmer in the original film.


Speaking with Empire, Mann stated that he plans on adapting the novel follow-up for the screen, stating: “It’s totally planned to be a movie.

“Is it a modest movie? No. Is it a very expensive series? No. It’s going to be one large movie."

However, Mann did add that due to the time periods in which the novel is set, certain actors from the original would not be able to reprise their roles.

Whether the movie adaptation comes to fruition or not, the book Heat 2 is set for release on 9 August.


You can watch a video teaser for it below.