Pat Shortt on the hilarious Father Ted joke that his father wasn't too impressed with 4 years ago

Pat Shortt on the hilarious Father Ted joke that his father wasn't too impressed with

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To be fair, it's a bonafide classic.

Despite the fact that it has been 23 years since Pat Shortt last played the role of Tom in Father Ted, it's still a character that audiences absolutely love.


Of course, since the beloved sitcom ended, Shortt has starred in a series of excellent films like The Guard, This Is My Father, Calvary, Inside I'm Dancing, and the beloved Man About Dog.

However, in terms of career turning points, it's arguable that his superb performance in Lenny Abrahamson's 2007 tragicomedy Garage was the moment when Shortt demonstrated his significant skills as a dramatic actor.

All this without mentioning his work on Killinaskully and as a part of The D'unbelievables too.

In many ways, Dark Lies the Island seems like the perfect role for Shortt as its jet black comedy helps to take the weight off a drama which sees the Mannion family spinning out of control in a small Irish town.


In this rural gothic western, Shortt plays the brilliantly-named Daddy Mannion and if you’re going to get involved with the Mannion men in the town of Dromord, you're looking for trouble.

Unfortunately for Charlie Murphy's (Peaky Blinders, Love/Hate, '71) character Sara, she's up to her neck in Mannions.

Sara is married to Daddy Mannion who is more than 20 years her senior and runs the town. But her first love is his estranged son, Doggy Mannion (Peter Coonan), a criminal recluse that's living in the woods outside the town.


Then there is the younger brother: Martin Mannion (Moe Dunford), a small-town lothario and failed chicken farmer. Yes, Sara is involved with him too.

It all gets a bit out of control when insults, sex, fights, chickens, and heads like ham all get involved.

Dark, mysterious, dangerous, and funny, Pat Shortt's character rules the roost over this small Irish town. You could almost describe Tom from Father Ted in the same way because who can forget his memorable moments and lines - "Father, I've killed a man," and "No Father, t'is my money. I just didn't want to fill out the forms" will always be iconic - but Shortt told us about one moment from the beloved comedy that his father "wasn't too impressed with."

"I was doing an interview recently where I was talking about my first time on TV, it was in Father Ted. I had to drop my trousers and go 'look at that Father. My own dog did that to me. Doesn't it look like a face?' It was my first time on TV and my dad was watching it in a hotel in Wales. He wasn't that impressed! He's definitely not going to be impressed with this movie!," said Shortt jokingly.


For those that need a reminder, here's a reminder of why Tom is such an iconic character.

Dark Lies the Island is released in Irish cinemas on 18 October and you can check out the trailer below.

Here's a small look at Pat Shortt and Charlie Murphy in Dark Lies the Island.


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