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27th Jan 2024

Paul Mescal explains GAA and ‘splitting the G’ on Chicken Shop Date episode

Stephen Porzio

chicken shop date

He even managed to get host Amelia Dimoldenberg to attempt the Guinness drinking practice.

Paul Mescal appeared on the most recent episode of hit web series Chicken Shop Date, bringing a uniquely Irish flavour to proceedings.

The show sees comedian and presenter Amelia Dimoldenberg interview celebrities in fried chicken restaurants, with the conversations framed as dates.

On the programme to promote his new romantic drama movie All of Us Strangers, at one point Dimoldenberg asked Mescal if he was a fan of Guinness.

To this, he explained: “This is quite topical for me at the moment. I’ve recently gotten into Guinness, which is kind of sacrilegious for an Irish person to say.”

Dimoldenberg then said she had also recently gotten into the Irish beverage and whipped out a pint of the black stuff for herself to drink.

When Mescal asked if she had brought one for him as well, she replied: “No, I just got one for me.”

It was here that the Normal People star explained the concept of splitting the G to Dimoldenberg, who was shocked by the drinking practice.

She then tried and failed to attempt the challenging feat, sending Mescal into fits of laughter.

Paul Mescal on Chicken Shop Date

Another topic of conversation was Irish sports, with Mescal being questioned about Gaelic football.

“It’s where lots of sad, sexy men run around in tiny shorts,” he joked before adding: “Gaelic football is the national sport of Ireland… I used to play it.

“It’s an amateur sport so you can’t get paid doing it. It’s kind of amazing because it’s not corrupted by money like soccer.”

It was then Dimoldenberg referenced the clip that went viral of Mescal becoming emotional watching Ireland play at the Rugby World Cup.

Admitting he may like rugby “a bit too much,” the presenter responded by saying the footage of the actor at the World Cup was “cute”.

Mescal then joked: “Say we’re at a bar and I have no flirting capacity so I’m like: ‘Hey, you might think this is cute and it’s a video of me weeping at the rugby.'”

Cutting across him, Dimoldenberg urged the actor against such an approach, exclaiming: “No, don’t show a video of yourself!”

You can check out some funny social media reactions to the episode right here:

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