Don't expect to see Peacemaker on streaming services in Ireland or the UK any time soon 2 weeks ago

Don't expect to see Peacemaker on streaming services in Ireland or the UK any time soon

The new series is debuting in the States next week.

While the movie was a bit of a box office bomb (a production budget of $185 million before advertising resulted in a global box office of just $167 million), The Suicide Squad still turned out to be arguably the best comic book movie of 2021.


Of all of the new character arrivals in the film, the one that immediately found a huge following was Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker, played to stone-faced perfection by John Cena.

Writer/director James Gunn also agreed, as he immediately took it upon himself to make sure that his next project was a spin-off show for Peacemaker, with Gunn writing all eight episodes of the first season, as well as directing five of them.

The first episode of Peacemaker lands on HBO Max (not to be confused with original recipe HBO) in the States on Thursday, 13 January, but unlike some other recent HBO Max shows, it won't be made available on streaming services in Ireland and the UK the next day.

A spokesperson for Sky and NOW told JOE that there are currently no plans for Peacemaker to be made available via their channels/streaming services.

Since HBO Max began streaming their own content in late 2020, some of those shows have landed in Ireland and the UK via Sky (usually Sky Atlantic) and the streaming service NOW.

Raised By Wolves, And Just Like That, Friends: The Reunion and The Flight Attendant have all been huge hits for viewers here.

However, some other highly anticipated HBO Max originals such as Hacks and Station Eleven have not (yet!) been made available via those outlets.


It is possible that Peacemaker will end up on available here via another platform - Station Eleven will be arriving on StarzPlay on Sunday, 30 January, much like its fellow HBO Max show Doom Patrol did in 2021 - but at the time of writing, there is no confirmation of it being made available it Ireland and/or the UK at all.

Until then, you can check out the full trailer for the show right here:

Clip via HBO Max