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11th Mar 2023

Penn Badgley wants season five of You to finish off Joe Goldberg

Simon Kelly

Penn Badgley wants You to end after season 5

The You star thinks it’s time Joe Goldberg finally got his comeuppance once and for all.

Penn Badgley told IndieWire that the popular Netflix series most likely will end with season five, following a shocking twist at the end of season four.

“It feels to me like we need to do another season. It feels to me like Joe needs to get what’s coming to him, and now he has further to fall because he has all this power and wealth,” Badgley said.

“But of course, that’s not up to me. I don’t know where it’s going. But to me, with this concept and with this character, we always wanted to be responsible and it’s not just the kind of thing we can let keep going because it’s doing well.”

You started in 2018 starring the Gossip Girl actor as Joe Goldberg, a book store employee who leads a second life as a psychopathic serial killer. The series has lasted four seasons and forty episodes, with the latest season releasing at the start of this month.

“I know the creators of the show always had this next season in mind as its last, should there be another one,” Badgely continued. “And then it will probably be a spectacular resolution because it feels to me like something is in the works by the very end of this season.”

The 35-year-old noted that even if Netflix decided against a fifth season, the season four finale could still be seen as a chilling conclusion to the show.

“You could leave it off where it is now, and it’s somewhat satisfying,” Badgley explained. “But I think what’s particularly dystopic or chilling about it is he has effectively won. You have taken this man and shown him going out on top. In that sense, I don’t think it’s the conclusion that anybody wants.”

The full fourth season of You is now available to stream on Netflix.

You can check out JOE’s interviews with Badgley and some of the fourth season’s other cast members right here:

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