People are absolutely raving about this new series on Netflix 6 years ago

People are absolutely raving about this new series on Netflix

Have you watched it?

You've probably heard whispers of it online. Seen an ad pop-up at the end of another show you're watching, or seen a tweet with some variation of a crying emoji.


13 Reasons Why was released on Netflix a couple of weeks ago.

Other Netflix original series have caused a stir in the past, with the constant additions of Marvel characters well publicised in advance of their unveiling, but 13 Reasons Why will have flown a little under the radar for some viewers

The story of Hannah Baker and her life in high school ultimately ends in her dying by suicide. This isn't a spoiler for the series, it's all revealed in the opening episode and the story of why she decided to end her life is told over 13 episodes in flashback.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I was curious to see how the subject of teen suicide would be handled in the series. It's such a sensitive and heartbreaking topic after all.


You will find yourself getting drawn in by the characters. One of my friends sent me a Snapchat following an episode with tears in her eyes (it was 100% my friend and definitely not me). It's that kind of series.

The first couple of episodes are difficult to gauge, but it lures you in soon after and will have you cheering and praying for some characters in particular (watch it and you'll know who I'm talking about).

Do yourself a favour, watch it...