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23rd Aug 2015

PIC: This Irish couple managed to get one of the most badass wedding photos of all-time this weekend


Carl Kinsella

An unconventional wedding photo.

When David Reardon and Zara Johnston got married in Avon Rí on Friday, the last thing they expected was to finish their special day engaged in battle with a handful of bedraggled Nordic warriors.

But as anyone who has been married anywhere near Blessington will tell you, sometimes these things simply cannot be avoided.

At least it made for hands-down the coolest wedding photo we have ever seen.

11909619_10153291416198101_105118148_nWe believe that David and Zara are the axe-wielding maniacs on the right…

The real story behind this photo is that the David and Zara’s wedding photograph took them down to the beach where they stumbled upon a few extras filming the show Vikings, who happily obliged the couple in a photo-op that has surely broken the record for ‘Most Facebook Likes On A Wedding Photo.’

Thanks to David Hollywood.

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